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Quick facts:

Bad Fox Studios Limited
Based in Fareham, UK

Release Date:
Early Access – Early 2020,
Full Release – Mid 2020

PC (Windows), Steam


Free to Play

Availability: Digital Download

Language: English

File Size: 7GB

Press Contact:

Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube

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Free to play game contains:

• A weekly rotation of 6 playable Troopers out of the full roster of 16+

• 2 Factions with a distinct skin for each playable Trooper (Military and Alien)

• 2 game modes (Control and Elimination)

• 8+ Maps

• Tutorial

• Endless Mode (single player training)

• Private matches

• Quick match with match making

Super Pack:

• Able to pick from the entire roster of 16+ Troopers to choose your team and fit your play style

• 2 additional factions with a distinct skin for each playable Trooper (Pirate and Fantasy)

• Additional Pirate and Fantasy themed maps

Game Introduction:

Super Squad is a F2P RTS-MOBA hybrid where you control a team of 6 Troopers locked in a never-ending battle for domination. Use a combination of weapons, abilities, and tactics to decimate your opponent but keep your wits about you and play strategically because in this game, anything goes!



Game Play Trailer



Bad Fox was founded in May 2018, with the vision to offer a place for graduates who had the drive and willingness to create an opportunity within the sector they had trained for. As gamers, they wanted to build professional games that they would want to play, whilst letting their creativity flow.

From a standing start, Bad Fox has built their brand and have already connected with many established players in the industry who are impressed with their enthusiasm and drive.


Technical Director: Sam Hudson
Creative Director: David Bonney
Game Designer: Eddie Davies
Programmers: Dan Stroud & Sam Hudson
Writer: Holly Martins
3D Modellers / Texture Artists: Christian Vander, Joseph Bentley, Piers Lauder, Jack Noyce & David Bonney
Effects: Joseph Bentley & David Bonney
Concept / Texture Artists: Charley Hall, Yvonne Corcoran & Beate Nieuwoudt
Animator: Beate Nieuwoudt
UI/UX Designer: Jonathan Cairns
Sound Design: Pier McKenzie
Music : Pier McKenzie
IT: Paul Webster

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