Super Squad is a F2P RTS-MOBA hybrid where you control a team of 6 Troopers locked in a never-ending battle for domination. Use a combination of weapons, abilities, and tactics to decimate your opponent but keep your wits about you and play strategically because in this game, anything goes!

Key Features:


Combine the twitch reflexes of a MOBA with the team management of an RTS. Command your team to take up and hold positions around the map for tactical advantages while directly controlling a unit to cast devastating abilities. It’s a brand-new take on both genres where no two games are ever the same.

It’s All on You

Ever get tired of your team feeding in your games? Well, now you control the team and the fate of the match is solely on your shoulders. Master your abilities to turn your team into an unstoppable walking Wombo Combo that will decimate your enemies. Head online and play against your friends, play against your Pet, or play against strangers in a chaotic head-to-head experience.

Fast-Paced and Action Packed

Challenge yourself in quick-fire matches of 10-20 minutes in our two base game modes: Control where you vie for domination of the map and Elimination where kills will bring you victory.

Mo’ Maps

Play across a diverse array of unique maps in all of our game modes, all themed around our factions.

Free to play game contains:

• A weekly rotation of 6 playable units out of our planned 16
• 2 factions with a distinct skin for each playable unit (Military and Alien)
• 2 game modes (Control and Elimination)
• 8 Maps
• Tutorial
• Endless Mode (single player training)
• Private matches
• Quick match with match making

Super Pack:

• Able to pick from all 16 units to choose your team to fit your play style
• 2 additional factions with a distinct skin for each playable unit (Pirate and Fantasy)
• 8 additional maps