Super Squad is a team-based Multiplayer Online Shoot-‘Em-Up (MOSH) where each player controls two Troopers at once in a manic-strategic battle for domination. Tactics, teamwork and twitch reflexes are required to claim victory over the enemy Squad, with top-down shooter controls, an abundance of awesome abilities, and a multitude of maps to master.

Key Features:

Fight Like a Trooper, Plan Like a General

Super Squad combines the frenetic, twitch-based style of play from MOBAs and shmups with the strategic map control you expect from your favorite RTS to create a game that demands nimble fingers and a sharp mind.

Dual Unit Control

Take command of two Troopers with unique abilities and use them together to destroy the enemy Squad. Run in your frontline troop while supporting from behind, heal up and buff your team as they fight, or go all out damage; however you want to play, there’s a role for you!

Map-Shaking Abilities

Each of the 10 available Troopers has two unique special abilities, as well as their own damage type and role on a team. Play as Tharlin to burrow underneath your enemies, then blow them sky high with his landmines, or take on the role of Crow, grappling in and out of harm’s way and taking out your target from long range. Each Trooper has their own look, feel and gameplay style for you to master!

Player-Focused Design

We’re committed to ensuring Super Squad is fun for everyone, regardless of their decision to spend money on the game. That means unlockable content at a fair pace, absolutely no pay-to-win mechanics, and our ongoing support for competitive play.